Installing a heat pump is an excellent way to heat and cool your home efficiently. It’s also quite environmentally friendly. However, some homeowners in Oakdale, CA still hesitate to choose a heat pump when the time comes to replace their home’s HVAC system. They do so because they’re not sure if a heat pump would be the best option for their home. Here’s an explanation of how heat pumps work and where they’re appropriate to use.

The Difference Between a Heat Pump and Conventional HVAC

Traditional HVAC systems rely on two separate systems to handle a home’s heating and cooling needs. In most cases, they’ll have a central air conditioning unit and a separate furnace to provide heat. Both systems usually share the same ductwork and blower apparatus.

A heat pump, by contrast, is a single system that provides both heating and cooling. Unlike traditional systems, however, they neither create nor remove heat. They only move it from place to place. In the summer, they carry the heat from inside your home and expel it into the outdoors. In the winter, they do the opposite, capturing heat energy from the outside air and transporting it inside.

Heat Pumps Offer Unbeatable Efficiency

Since heat pumps only require electricity to operate, they offer efficiency that traditional HVAC systems can’t match. In the summer, they’re just as efficient as conventional air conditioners when the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures is less than 20 degrees. With Oakdale, CA seeing more and more days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, though, that isn’t always the case.

In extreme heat, conventional air conditioners get far less efficient, but heat pumps don’t. And in the winter, a heat pump can operate at between 300% and 400% efficiency. The best gas-powered furnace will only reach 98.5% efficiency under optimal conditions.

So, Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

There aren’t many situations when a heat pump won’t be the best possible option for your home. The two big ones are if your home doesn’t have adequate insulation or if you don’t want to replace your central AC and heating systems simultaneously. Other than that, heat pumps make an excellent choice for homes in the Oakdale, CA area.

Of course, if you want the right heat pump for your home, there’s no better place to turn than Airvengers, LLC. We offer complete HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance options for various systems, including heat pumps. And we also offer air care membership plans and whole-house fan installations. If it has something to do with your home’s climate controls or comfort, we can handle it. So, contact Airvengers, LLC today to find out how a heat pump can provide year-round comfort for your home.

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