The air quality in your home significantly impacts your overall health. While many homeowners worry primarily about dust and allergens, carbon monoxide should also be a concern. As a colorless, odorless gas, it can be hard to detect, and prolonged exposure can lead to illness or worse. Carbon monoxide filters, however, can help—read on for four reasons to consider installing carbon monoxide filters in your home.

1. Protection for People With Sensitive Respiratory Systems

People with weaker respiratory systems, including older individuals and those with asthma, benefit even more from clean air than those without. A CO filter helps to get rid of any lingering gas that may be in the air within your home. Many CO filters also filter out other particles that can harm sensitive individuals.

2. Prevention of Extra CO in Your Home

Early detection of CO leaks can help to save lives. While it’s a good idea to invest in a CO detector, especially in case of larger leaks, a filter can help remove minor traces of carbon monoxide that may happen to get into your home as a result of normal appliance use.

3. Rest Easier at Night

Knowing that your home or office has a high-quality filter gives you peace of mind, especially if you also have a CO detector installed. You can rest easy knowing that everyone is as protected as possible from this harmful gas.

4. Increased Value for Potential Buyers

Many homebuyers are safety-focused, so they’ll find value in knowing the home has a CO filter and detection system. This can increase property value, which is helpful if you plan to sell.

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