Adjusting the amount of cool air delivered by your AC unit’s fan can certainly boost your home’s comfort level. However, there’s a lot involved in the process of adjusting the speed of your AC unit’s fan. As you’ll see, it’s best to call an HVAC professional to handle the job.

Finding the Right Wires

A particular collection of wires is responsible for setting the speed of an AC unit’s fan. The color of a wire indicates its speed ranging from high to low with a few speeds in between. If you’ve ever looked into your air conditioning unit, you know there are dozens of wires in a variety of colors. It can be very confusing! That’s one reason why this is a job best left to an HVAC professional. An HVAC technician is familiar with the color coding of the wires.

Finding the Proper Terminal

The circuit board of an AC unit has a specific terminal controlling the speed of its fan. An HVAC technician is able to find the proper terminal on the circuit board in order to change the wire.

More Benefits of Calling an HVAC Technician for an AC Fan Speed Adjustment

An HVAC technician is familiar with safety precautions when working with a high-voltage AC unit. Also, an HVAC tech has the appropriate tools and equipment to successfully complete this project.

A Professional Team of HVAC Technicians

At Airvengers, LLC in Oakdale, our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are experts at changing the fan speed on AC units. We also provide a variety of other AC maintenance services and repairs along with installation work. Our company offers reliable heating installations, repairs, and maintenance as well. Since 2007, we’ve been fulfilling the heating and cooling needs of our neighbors in Oakdale and the surrounding area. Our skillful technicians are happy to change the fan speed on your AC unit. Contact Airvengers, LLC in Oakdale to schedule your appointment today!

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